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"When August 2005 rolled around, this Katrina was a plain old fashioned country girl, a busy wife, mommy, and computer trainer & web designer who fell into a hurricane by accident … Little did I know that the lives of our family, and thousands of others, would change drastically.

A hurricane with the same name as a website which had been in existence for seven years;, Hurricane Katrina made landfall. 

It was the costliest and most destructive storm to ever hit the United States in history.  My personal website reached over 15 billion hits within one day after the hurricane hit the coast.

There were people in need and coming to me for help. All I knew to do was to use the website to connect the people in need, with those who could. Creating a database and building an angel tree of hope to tie neighbours together across the globe, became one of the main sources of hurricane support & relief.

As our lives changed, it was our commitment to follow God and the influence of our Plain Friends and Old Ways that kept our family on track. It was the encouragement we needed through our spiritual journey, building a family and a way of life.

Beyond the storm, this book is filled with memories … inspiration … stories … tears … and smiles … that are too special to keep to ourselves … So, we share with you our story, written for you to learn that the secret of life is LOVE.

May you see how God’s Perfect Plan has given us the strength and courage to travel this road. You too, my friend, can experience the blessings that come when you
“Love Thy Neighbour.” ~ katrina

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