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A decade after Hurricane Katrina, red tape slows rebuilding

CBS News

NEW ORLEANS -- More than a million people were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. A decade later, some of them are still unable to return to their ...

Red Cross Volunteers Share Memories on Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

TWC News

Porter said 3,000 people impacted by Hurricane Katrina in Alabama, Louisina and Mississippi went to the Triangle Area Chapter of the American Red ...

Gulf Coast marks Hurricane Katrina's fury, celebrates rebirth

Fox News

NEW ORLEANS – As the church bells rang marking the decade since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the 80-year-old woman wept softly into ...

Hurricane Katrina anniversary: Gulf Coast remembers, looks ahead


From New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama, there were somber ceremonies marking the day 10 years ago when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf ...

Hurricane Katrina: New Orleans marks 10 years since disaster

BBC News

Commemorations are taking place in the US city of New Orleans to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. At a memorial service, Mayor Mitch ...

Here's how New Orleans commemorated the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Business Insider

Hurricane Katrina REUTERS/Edmund D. FountainThe Original Big 7 Junior Steppers parade through the Central Business District in a second line ...




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This book is a collection of timeline events leading up to
Hurricane Katrina as well as how God has orchestrated each day since.  This Hurricane touched people that you would not imagine.  Healing came to those who lost everything they owned, including loved ones.  Brotherly love abounded toward those in need from strangers all over the world.

 Through my personal journey being named “Katrina” in the
first place, God using me, my talents, and the love our family has for our neighbours … miracles have taken place connecting the
right people to care for those in need.

"The Book"

People from all walks of life affected, all colors, all income levels, all ages, communities flattened, how can they continue to start their lives again?

  Katrina was the costliest storm in United States history - with amounts over $81.2 billion.  The death toll was over 1,836.

From oil spills to damaging storms on the horizon ... the goal of this site will continue to extend a helping hand in many many ways.

Hurricane Katrina ...
10 years later ...

Hurricane Katrina ... was the costliest hurricane, as well as one of the five deadliest, in the history of the United States. Among recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest overall.

Katrina was the costliest storm in United States history - with amounts over $81.2 billion.  The death toll was over 1,836. was created 17 years ago as as a place where folks could come and get free computer help and guide them as they choose to design a website for their business or organization.  It then became a refuge and comfort spot where I created a tribute to my Daddy when he passed away.  It was a place to share, to give back to neighbors all over the world who were in need of help.  

I  just so happened to be named "Katrina" and this was my personal site ... little did I know that over 15 billion hits within one day of Hurricane Katrina hitting the coast would come here ... to learn ... to read ... to find help ... to offer help ... and that this website would be used as such to be a blessing to thousands of people all over the globe.

On August 29, 2005, this site became a source of hope and healing for those desperately looking for their loved ones stranded on rooftops and in attics - a means of survival for those who lost everything to the worst natural disaster in American History ... Hurricane Katrina.

We were offered $500,000 for the name - a large charity based organization wanted to take the funds donated by others to capitalize on a major disaster - we refused several times - and we continued to help relocate and rescue over 7,200 families - with nearly 450 families rescued from rooftops and attics - we started an ANGEL TREE - and are still working to help families. You must hear the REST OF THE STORY!  

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"Everywhere there is still sharp evidence that the recovery isn't so much a recovery, but a process that has only begun."
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Curtis and I have prayed for God's guidance in the future of this site, and we feel strongly that Hurricane Katrina has taught many how to love, to give, to appreciate, to bond together with friends and neighbors all over the world.  

Through this site, relationships have been built to last a lifetime.  Encouragement from those with huge hearts have guided those which disaster made life never the same again.

~ Curtis & Katrina Blankenship
and children

"Gather the people together, men, and women, and children, and thy stranger that is within thy gates, that they may hear, and that they may learn, and fear the LORD your God ..."  Deuteronomy 31:12

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